FreeBSD & FIBs (setfib) - How to modify?

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass9573 at
Thu Jul 16 17:23:26 UTC 2009

Brent Bloxam wrote:
> The documentation on FIBs is pretty slim unless I've been looking in the
> wrong places, all I've seen are a few mentions in errata and release
> notes. setfib(1) doesn't offer much in the way of associated commands,
> and definitely doesn't explain how to actually work with a FIB. I'm
> curious if there's a command to specifically modify a FIB beyond 0,
> besides something like
> setfib 1 route add ...

setfib selects the routing table for locally originated
outgoing packets. Besides locally originated packets, there
are packets arriving from the network and need to be forwarded.
These packets can be classified in a specific routing table
with the aid of ipfw. That's all there is. I can't think
of something else that needs to be thought with regard to
multiple routing tables.

HTH, Nikos

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