Hanging when trying to 'rm' files off a read-only NFS export? [7.2-R]

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at tdx.co.uk
Thu Jul 16 09:10:07 UTC 2009


I've got a 7.2-RELEASE box that has it's root file system mounted read/only 
via NFS. It hangs when trying to shutdown, at the "Writing entropy file:" 

Having chased this down - it hangs *any* time you try to rm' a file off of 
the filesystem.

e.g. If I do:

recovery# cd /
recovery# touch test
touch: test: Read-only file system
recovery# rm COPYRIGHT
nfs server not responding
nfs server not responding
nfs server not responding

That last error is just repeated for infinity at about 5-10 second 

Any suggestions?

The NFS server exports line being used is:

/usr2/boot/os -alldirs -maproot=root -ro -network -mask

The reason for the shutdown hang is that '/etc/rc.d/random' rm's the 
'/entropy' file if it exists as the system shuts down, and that rm never 
returns (the error output is redirected so you never see the errors) :(


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