5000' ethernet?

Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Thu Jul 16 04:25:06 UTC 2009


> > You would need 5 boxes, the connections between each run of cable
> > could cause too many loss, even if the timing was not an issue.
> Wire connections are not all that lossy.

You would be surprised by the impedance missmatch tests made by
cabling companies...

> Meanwhile cat5 is useful for other things after this project is over.

And as you already ordered the cable, it is worth testing anyway.

> Is my fault for not stating initially that the customer has ruled out  
> any wireless option. Originally we were going to run a modest 50k bit/ 
> sec wireless link.

OK, but you could have 10 Mbps, not only 50 Kbps, if the bandwidth is
a limitation.

> > As suggested before you could consider fiber optic, you could order
> > a 2000 meters roll of underground outdoor fiber, with pig tail
> > installed at each end. For a temporary use, you should not need any
> > special precaution for installation: these fibers are usually shielded
> > to support a truck to running on it... Or you can get the type of
> > fiber designed for aerial usage, 8 shapped cable, including a
> > suspension cable, and run it from tree to tree; but it's much much
> > more installtion work, the cable tend to be heaviy...
> Sources?

For the information? Holding a booth at an exhibition next to Krone
booth, we got to talk a lot.

For cable? I am afraid that, being in Thailand, my sources would
charge you a very high transportation cost :)

Krone is one brand, they manufacture mostly UTP cable and connectors,
but I think they are associated with Belink for the fiber optic cable.

I would try to contact a network installer in my area, they should be
able to source fiber optic cable for you.



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