Server screwed up (/lib/ Undefined symbol "_nsdispatch")

Victor Starenky freebsd at
Thu Jul 16 03:55:10 UTC 2009

I've finally managed to get all sources to the machine via mounted SMB
drive that still works. (tar errors out).
But alas, "make all install" immediately throws the very same error
that started this topic:
/libexec/ /lib/ Undefined symbol "_nsdispatch"

Very few commands actually work: cp, ls, cat etc.
So I'm afraid my only option is to try rescue from cd...

Thanks for your help!

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 3:34 PM, Sergio de Almeida
Lenzi<lenzi.sergio at> wrote:
> Em Ter, 2009-07-14 às 10:00 -0400, Victor Starenky escreveu:
> =======OK... ========
> you can try this script...
> it suposes that you have ALL the /usr/src  and the GENERIC KERNEL...
> in a slow machine, it is about 4 hours.... (Pentium 2, 256mb memory, 10Gb
> disk)
> FreeBSD 7.0 =>  FreeBSD 7.2
> save the script in the root directory say: updatebsd
> than.... with all the /usr/src (you can get it from the CD).....
> sh updatebsd
> if it finds a small mistake it will stop.
> after building the OS, check if everything is ok, and reboot.
> this script will install the GENERIC KERNEL, so if you have your
> own kernel,   edit the last lines of the code to make your needs
> ==============================================
> DEPEND=depend
> cd /usr/src
> set -e
> (cd share/mk;make all install || exit 1)
> make includes
> for i in etc share lib libexec secure/lib secure
> do
> (cd $i;make ${DEPEND} all install || exit 1)
> sync
> done
> for i in sbin bin usr.sbin usr.bin
> do
> (cd $i;make ${DEPEND} all install || exit 1)
> sync
> done
> cd /sys/`uname -m`/conf
> config GENERIC
> cd ../compile/GENERIC
> make ${DEPEND} all install

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