feet to metres [was: 5000' ethernet?]

andrew clarke mail at ozzmosis.com
Wed Jul 15 23:21:22 UTC 2009

On Wed 2009-07-15 22:27:35 UTC+0200, Michelle Konzack (bsd4michelle at tamay-dogan.net) wrote:

> > Not directly FreeBSD related, but how much of a chance is there that two
> > machines could communicate directly over 5,000 feet of cat5 with no
> > special hardware?
> I do not know hoe much a feet is in meters but AFAIK arround 0,3 which
> mean, you are talking about 1.5km or 1 mile ?

Just FYI, you can use FreeBSD's 'units' (/usr/bin/units) to convert
feet to metres:

$ units "5000 feet" metres
        * 1524

There is also a more advanced version in /usr/ports/math/units/ that
installs to /usr/local/bin/gunits.

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