Install from a USB Pen

Fbsd1 fbsd1 at
Wed Jul 15 05:10:31 UTC 2009

> ... or you could just download an official image instead of going to all 
> of that trouble. Check the FTP site, there's a memstick.img if you're 
> down for using with 8 instead of 7. There are currently three PRs about 
> this, and I recently took ownership of them. Filing duplicate bug 
> reports doesn't "get attention", it's just annoying and it makes trying 
> to improve sysinstall that much more difficult because I'll have to 
> spend more time closing these duplicates and less time fixing problems. 
> There has been an email that stated there is USB install support in 
> sysinstall as of 8.0 BETA1, and USB livefs support as of 8.0 BETA2. The 
> PRs for USB support in sysinstall will be updated and closed soon. Don't 
> open new ones.
> You're welcome! :D
> -- randi

What are the instructions for using this 8.0 memstick.img?
What raw size memstick is needed?
Is the 8.0 memstick.img the same content as the cd1 disk?

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