Automatic screen lock when leaving desk

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Tue Jul 14 22:35:33 UTC 2009

On Tue, 14 Jul 2009 14:03:04 -0800, Mel Flynn <mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at> wrote:
> And use xev to figure out the keycode of an unused key on your keyboard you
> can easily access (like multimedia keys). Then you can activate it
> when leaving your spot or when that creepy guy from accounting tries to
> look over your shoulder. You would probably need some window/session manager
> that supports "global key shortcuts".

Just as an example, I do use this with WindowMaker. My Sun Type 6 keyboard
has a nice double-width button "Help" in the upper left - excellent for
hitting it when leaving the workstation. It is connected with the "xlock"

> I like the bluetooth idea too, with the caveat that the range might not be
> sufficient.

To make it more complicated, what about wearing some specific USB device
on your clothes, attached to a chain, and when you leave the computer,
it will pop out of the USB socket and therefore cause "xlock" to be
called? :-)

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