Automatic screen lock when leaving desk

Bill Moran wmoran at
Tue Jul 14 15:52:45 UTC 2009

In response to Frederique Rijsdijk <frederique at>:
> I'm looking for a way to automaticaly lock my X session when I leave my
> desk. Probably just using 'xlockmore -mode blank' or such. But how to
> detect?
> It could be infrared based (heat signature), video based (webcam w/
> motion detection) or even mechanical (switch in seat? meh..).
> And how would FreeBSD interface with such device? Most likely via USB,
> since my lt doesn't have any serial ports.
> Any ideas? Experience?

Unless your requirements are really as strict as you state, you're probably
better off just installing xscreensaver and configuring it to lock the
screen after a reasonable amount of inactivity.

Bill Moran

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