Server screwed up (/lib/ Undefined symbol "_nsdispatch")

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at
Tue Jul 14 13:49:23 UTC 2009

Victor Starenky writes: 

> Actually I am running this without GUI (X is a luxury on this machine) .But
> if I restore it from the live CD I understand that all ports I have will be
> messed up?

You build ports on top of a working base. Now your foundation, aka the base 
has gone wrong. What you got to do is to get the base working again. 

Actually the first thing you should try is, to compile the base and the 
kernel (buildworld, buildkernel, etc) and install them properly. Check every 
stage complete without any error. If you can reinstall your base without any 
error, your base is working. Then you can rebuild your ports. 

If you cannot, recompile your base, ie. if errors develops, then copy 
necessary libs, etc. from the live CD till your recompile the base completes 
without errors. 

> So my only option would be to go and install/reinstall all of them from the
> scratch? Building anything that needs Ruby for example takes like 24 hours
> on this machine :(

This is your last option. 


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