gmirror + geli problem : wrong key for mirror/gm0

Taras Danko gortaur at
Tue Jul 14 08:06:34 UTC 2009

Hello to all.

I've got a problem setting up the gmirror + geli combination for /
under the FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE.
I have successfully created the mirror/gm0 device from "fixit" bsd
livecd, then I've initialized the geli provider using the command
geli init -b -l 256 -s 4096 -K /usb/gm0.key /dev/mirror/gm0

geli attach -k /usb/gm0.key /dev/mirror/gm0 went successfully as well
as detach/re-attach so passphrase and the key is ok.

after that I've detached the gm0 and rebooted from the bootable
usb-stick, which contained the /boot/ /etc/ and key-file + loader.conf
with the following:


During the boot process I got a message that mirror/gm0 is created and
after that I was asked for my pass-phrase.
I've typed the pass-phrase (for the experiment clearance it was "aaa"
- without any "special" characters or something) and got an error:
GEOM_ELI: wrong key for mirror/gm0

The keyboard is ok - I see all the characters typed (due to
visible_passphrase param in my loader.conf)
I have disabled the kbdmux device in kernel which was blamed as a geli
troublemaker as well.
GEOM mirror and eli options as well as cryptodevice are compiled into
the kernel.

Booting from "fixit" cd again shows that cryptoprovider creates and
mounts ok with the mentioned key and passphrase.

My guess was to change the "gm0" to mirror/gm0 at geli_ strings of
loader.conf file - I've tried that but with no luck (maybe I did it
There are really a very few articles over internet describing
geli+gmirror combination - so I'll very much appreciate any

Taras Danko

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