Attempting ZFS Only Install of 7.2

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Mon Jul 13 18:30:21 UTC 2009

Jason Garrett wrote:
> >snip
> I see you tried the zpool import and export, but did you perform 
> `mkdir /boot/zfs` directly before `zpool export tank && zpool import 
> tank` ?
> I just have to ask because I did not see that specified, and you 
> mention not being able to find zpool.cache. /boot/zfs is where 
> zpool.cache hides out.
Yes I did.  However I figured out my problem.  I was chrooted into /dist 
and the zpool.cache was being written to /boot/zfs (as you mention).  
But because of the chroot, when I checked /boot/zfs, I was *really* 
checking /dist/boot/zfs.  Thus my problem.  :)

However I'm still having difficulty.  I suspect I don't have a 
/boot/loader that supports zfs filesystems as I just boot to the 'OK" 
prompt.  An 'lsdev' only shows BIOS devices but I've seen posts on the 
Net that indicate I should have zfs devices listed there too if I have a 
proper /boot/loader.  I've used the one from both 7.2-RELEASE.iso and 
8.0-BETA1.iso but no luck.  Do you know of any way I can confirm or deny 
my suspicion?



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