Copy directory tree as hard links...

Modulok modulok at
Mon Jul 13 09:14:28 UTC 2009


Evidently that was introduced in 6.2-RELEASE:

"The cp(1) utility now supports a -l option, which causes it to create
hardlinks to the source files instead of copying them."

Thanks for posting and subsequently drawing my attention to it.

Time to upgrade I suppose :)

On 7/13/09, Ivan Voras <ivoras at> wrote:
> Modulok wrote:
>> What is the easiest way to copy a directory tree as hard links?
>> Linux has a nice little 'cp -al' flag combo to do this. The FreeBSD
> It's also present in FreeBSD:
>       -l    Create hard links to regular files in a hierarchy instead of
> copy-
>             ing.
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