Copy directory tree as hard links...

Modulok modulok at
Mon Jul 13 07:02:40 UTC 2009

What is the easiest way to copy a directory tree as hard links?

Linux has a nice little 'cp -al' flag combo to do this. The FreeBSD
cp(1) manual page says to use pax or tar, but how do I get the ability
to rename the file without first creating a destination file? I don't
want an archive, just regular directory tree sitting right next to the
original, but with a new name ... consisting of of hard links back to
the original. For example on linux I could do something like:

$ ls

$ cp -al foo bar

The result would be a new copy of foo, which takes up no additional
space, as all files share the same inodes. Is there an easy way to do
this on FreeBSD?


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