Xorg - how can I configure this thing??

herbs herbert.raimund at gmx.net
Thu Jul 9 20:39:28 UTC 2009

Hi Daemons,
I am stuck with a fresh installation, FreeBSD 7.2 with the usual X Server environment..

Usually I invoke xorgconfig to set up the hardware I have, like mouse
driver, monitor frequency, resolution and so on.

The new X server 1.6.0 seems to have some sort of autoconfig. I compiled
the /usr/ports/X11-wm/fluxbox - it installs the X Server with Fluxbox.

Then I type startx.

The twm windowmanager shows up, but accepts no input. Mousepointer
stuck, no key input. 

I cannot even create a /etx/X11/xorg.conf file by invoking ./xorgconfig .. 
What am I doing wrong? Can anybody give me a hint in the right

herb langhans

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