How to symlink devfs devices?

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at
Thu Jul 9 10:55:49 UTC 2009

Paul B. Mahol writes: 

>> Is it possible to create a symlink to a device and use the symlink in place
>> of the real device name in FreeBSD, especially in version 7.2? 
>> 1. A disk
>>    /dev/camera -> /dev/da0s1
> devfs.conf(5)
>> 2. A network device
>>    re0 -> lan0
> same as above, but there is way to completly hide re0:
> # ifconfig re0 name lan0 

Hi FreeBSD community 

Thank you all for replies. 

Yes, USB Mass Storage devices could be symlinked (may be others too) but 
ethernet devices cannot be symlinked but ethernet interfaces can be renamed. 

I have one more question, how do I know what device is attached to an 
ethernet interface after it is renamed? 


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