Mounting a cf card in a pcmcia adapter

Tobias Roth freebsd.lists at
Mon Jul 6 21:16:52 UTC 2009


This used to work quite some time ago, when there still was pccardd. How
does it work these days (with 7.x)? I didn't find any documentation on this.

I get as far as

cbb0: 16-bit card inserted, but no pccard bus.
pccard0: <16-bit PCCard bus> on cbb0
pccard0: <unknown card> (manufacturer=0x0045, product=0x0401,
function_type=4) at function 0
pccard0:    CIS info: SanDisk, SDP, 5/3 0.6

But then no mountable device shows up. Am I missing a module? I have
umass, cbb and pccard loaded, and also tried wuth cardbus instead of pccard.

This very system and adapter worked back in the pccardd times.


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