good afternoon to all

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Mon Jul 6 13:00:38 UTC 2009

In response to malathi selvaraj <malathiramya at>:

Please choose a better subject line.  The repeated "good <current time of day>"
subjects you're using have two problems:
1) It's not afternoon in my part of the world.
2) It doesn't tell me if I should read your email or not.

There's lots more advice here:

>  i got some error like
>   add of package xorg-server- aborted.error code 1- please check the
> debug screen for more info
>   add of package atk-1.26.0 aborted, error code-1 please check the debug
> screen for more infor
> i got this type of error  during installation time

My guess would be that you're using a minimal install ISO image, and that
you're trying to install packages from CD.  There are no packages on the
minimal ISOs.

If you have a reasonably fast internet connection (i.e., cable/DSL) you'll
get more reliable results installing packages from FTP.  Or you can get
one of the more complete images, such as the DVD image.

Bill Moran

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