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Mon Jul 6 08:48:35 UTC 2009

malathi selvaraj wrote:
>  i have any error like  this enter the full path of shell or RETURN fr
> /bin/sh:
> after that i reinstall freebsd. and it will working, but now system is not
> boot, it show error unable to load a kernel ..

So after the first problem, you reinstalled the system, which worked
for a while, but now will not boot because it can't load a kernel image?

Hmmm... I guess it's possible for a hardware fault or a disk crash to
render your kernel unreadable, but that really is very unlikely unless your
whole hard disk has pretty much failed.  In which case, you would simply
need a new hard drive.  Given you're system can read the MBR and the first
stages of the boot code, it's clear your disk still has some life left in

So... far more feasible is that a mistake was made somewhere while you
were working on the system.  The up side of that is mistakes are usually 
correctable, once you know where you went wrong.

Can you describe what you were doing to the system before it lost the capacity
to boot up again?



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