Num Lock key in X, PF keys, involves xmodmap, xev

Polytropon freebsd at
Sun Jul 5 22:02:22 UTC 2009

Additional information, just recognized:

When Num Lock is on (as described in my first message), some window
manager functions don't work anymore: When doubleclicking on a title
bar, the window does not roll up. When pressing Alt and dragging a
window with the left mouse button, the window does not move. If
Num Lock is switched off, it works as intended. With Num Lock on,
other things still work, such as pressing Ctrl and Shift and double-
clicking on the title bar maximizes the window (Ctrl alone maximizes
vertically, and Shift horizontally). Pressing Alt and clicking left
on the title bar sets the window into the background. (For most of
these functionalities, I'd like to use the 2x5 keys on the left as
I did it with the Sun keyboard.)

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