FreeBSD 7.2 o/s on a flash stick

Al Plant noc at
Sat Jul 4 03:30:52 UTC 2009

Aloha Gurus.

All the gogle-ing I did does not give a current status on or how-to on 
installing FreeBSD 7.2 on a flash stick on one slice with the default 
partions.  I want to boot from it on a mini lap top ( no CD ) and use it 
like the hd inside.

I see plenty of how-to's on loading Flash sticks for installing on other 
boxes and using a 2 slice flash to load FreeBSD onto other duplicate 
boxes again.

All I need is to have a FreeBSD  o/s on the stick so I can use it 
instead of the OS on the existing laptop.

I'm sure I saw on this list where somebody did this successfully but I 
cant find it.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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