Fix It CD, bsdlabel, and /dev?

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Fri Jul 3 22:15:39 UTC 2009

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> However /dev/ad6s1a and /dev/ad8s1a do not exist. I do have entries 
>>> such
>>> as /dev/ad6a and/dev/ad8a but gmirror doesn't like those. What must 
>>> I do
>>> the get them to show after I've labeled?
>> If you have /dev/ad[68]a, it indicates that you haven't created a
>> slice on those disks, instead you created one partition (a) on
>> each of the disks.
> there is completely NO REASON to create slices at all, unless you want 
> to use windoze on the same drive.
> i don't have slices on any of my FreeBSD systems

I must admit I am confused by slices and partitions.  I only want to use 
FreeBSD on this box.  It has 4 drives detected as follows:

ad6 - 750 GB
ad8 - 500 GB
ad12 - 500 GB
ad14 - 500 GB

My thought is to break the disks up as so:

a: 500M
b: 500M
d: 465G
e: 225G (rest of drive)

a: 500M
b: 500M
d: 465G (rest of drive)

b: 1000M
d: 465G (rest of drive)

b: 1000M
d: 465G (rest of drive)

Then to install, I want to use gmirror and zfs as so:

/ - mirror ad6a and ad8a

swap - all the b: partitions (if that's the right term) for a total of 3 
GB swap.

zfs - make a raid1z zpool with ad6d, ad8d, ad12d, and ad14d.  in this 
pool I will create /usr and /var

ad6e will just be extra space for some other use.

So does my plan make sense?  And if so, how can I best accomplish it?



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