POLL: Linux preferences from FreeBSD users

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Fri Jul 3 13:01:56 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2 Jul 2009 08:28:01 -0600, Modulok <modulok at gmail.com> wrote:
> That and Linux seems to only ever get the abridged version of manual
> pages. When you compare manual pages for an equivalent commands
> between FreeBSD and most Linux flavors, it really shows. I noticed
> this when I went from Debian to FreeBSD. "Finally! Real
> documentation!"

There ware two things that I found to be solved better in FreeBSD than
in various Linusi:

1. Amount of manual pages: FreeBSD does not only document commands,
it documents configuration files, kerlen interfaces, library functions
and maintenance procedures. The tradition of manual pages furthermore
is carried by third party software (ports), e. g. "man opera" - you
would not guess that it existed. In the opposite, try to find a
manpage of some KDE program (as if anyone would read manpages for
KDE things).

2. Quality of documentation: The manpages are excellently written.
No "look at our Wiki" or "this page intentionally left free" there.
furthermore, the OS's source is very tidy, uses good names for
functions, variables and datatypes, and has lots of useful comments.

As a developer, documentation is a MUST HAVE for me. Having all
the documentation avaliable "off line" right after installation
is very good.

Sadly, Linux didn't (doesn't?) offer this.

In functionality - driver availability, to call it by name - Linux
may be much better than FreeBSD. It may even support crap devices
as it is done by proprietary "Windows" drivers. But because I (1)
do not own such hardware and (2) usually don't use "modern"
computers, I do not depend on them. That's the great thing when you
live in the stone age - you don't have to care for any "modern"
stuff. :-)

FreeBSD, in opposite to most Linusi, enables me to run my old
hardware FASTER (!) with each release. Sadly, this gain of speed
is eaten up by other things I use right away, such as X and its
applications. I can't imagine that Linux would make a better shape
here. I sometimes try some Live system CD from a Linux distribution
to see it this is still the case. Is this the case? Yes, it is
the case. Reboot, return to FreeBSD. :-)

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