FreeBSD on Cobalt RaQ 4

Frank Steinborn steinex at
Wed Jul 1 18:14:43 UTC 2009


I got a new toy here, a RaQ 4. As this thing has no real BIOS, it was
even hard to get a custom Linux distro installed. For long time it was
not even possible to use it with a Linux 2.6 kernel. This is resolved
in the meantime, so I'm running Gentoo with an unmodified 2.6 at the

However, I'm absolutely not at home with Linux and I would *love* to
have a FreeBSD on that thingy.

As i figured out, there is a ROM on it with a mini-Linux, that will
look for an ext2/ext3 filesystem and for an /vmlinux.bz2 on /boot.
Then it boots from there. This is really strange and seems to rule out
FreeBSD completely.

However, I can't believe that noone on earth hadn't FreeBSD running
on it :-)

Any hint would be appreciated. As an alternative, i could live with
OpenBSD/NetBSD too.

Cheers :)

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