Wireless NICs on 7.2

Robert Hall rjhjr0 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 17:48:10 UTC 2009

I've been trying to get a Linksys WMP54G v. 4.1 to work on FBSD 7.2.
It sort of works with the ral driver; I can set the ssid and inet and
other values, but it won't associate with the access point or
establish a useful connection.

I've tried compiling ndis drivers for both the Linksys and a Belkin
F5D7000 v. 7032 that I bought for my XP box. Both drivers crash the
system when they load, leading to a reboot. Groveling through vmcore
doesn't give me any clues about why the Belkin ndis crashes. The
Linksys crash sends a message that it can't open
/compat/ndis/rt2561s.bin. I googled for the firmware files and put
them in /compat/ndis, but ndis still crashes. Both cards work fine on
the XP box.

Has anyone gotten either card to work on 7.2, either by using the ral
driver or by compiling an ndis driver?

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