Questions on portmaster

Manish Jain invalid.pointer at
Wed Jul 1 06:02:54 UTC 2009


I am using portmaster on FreeBSD-7.2 to keep my ports up to date. When 
there are multiple ports to be updated, portmaster will fork off child 
processes. Does each child start 'make fetch' in the background ? I ask 
this because the parent process attached to the console reports very low 
data transfer rates (in the range of 0.7 to 4.0 kBps, while normally I 
get 30 to 35 kBps).

Further, how can portmaster be tuned to automatically ignore ports which 
are actually marked as IGNORE in the port directory ? This is not 
covered in the manpage.

While doing portmaster -a, I have only managed to stop portmaster from 
building exactly one port specified with the -x option. Can I get to 
stop multiple ports from being built ? Is there regular expression 
support for the -x option ?

Thanks for any help.

Manish Jain
invalid.pointer at

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