wacom bamboo fun

Peter Vereshagin peter at vereshagin.org
Sat Jan 3 03:47:01 PST 2009


I tried around with x11-drivers/wacom port.
I'd like to notice this thing, and to ask if that is a bug:
I compile the ums and uhid devices into the kernel. So the usb wacom is detected as ums1.
And, therefore, after it is detected as ums, it is never being detected by rc.d as uwacom0.
So what I made is: added uwacom and ums to loader.conf and excluded them from kernel.
I think there should be better way so the rc.d script is better to be involved than not.
But how should I do this right way? Should I look at GENERIC to know out in which conditions this port's kernel module is ought to work with rc.d/wacom start?
Another question is how should I use eraser and pressure sensitivity but think I'd better to ask at linux-wacom's site.

73! Peter

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