Midnight Commander's subshell gone..

herbert langhans herbert.raimund at gmx.net
Mon Sep 29 17:52:06 UTC 2008

Hi Daemons,
I have just updated /usr/ports/misc/mc to Mignight Commander 4.6.1.

As root I can switch with CTRL+O to the shell prompt, all fine. 

But as a normal user the shell prompt disappears when I hit CTRL+O. 

Both xterm and without X I have the same symptoms. So I have set all mc-related files in /usr/local/share/mc to 777 to check. I use both in /root/ as well in /home/herbs/ the same .profile and ./mc files -- still not working..

The previous mc-version ran just fine. 
What am I doing wrong??
Thanks for ideas!

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