Which mailing list?

Leslie Jensen leslie at eskk.nu
Mon Sep 29 15:49:22 UTC 2008

Mel skrev:
> On Monday 29 September 2008 17:06:56 Leslie Jensen wrote:
>> Mel skrev:
>>> On Monday 29 September 2008 13:47:45 Leslie Jensen wrote:
>>>>   I'm running FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE and I want to keep track on when
>>>> it's updated so that I can upgrade. I'm on the freebsd-announce list but
>>>>   I'm not sure if it's the right list to follow for this purpose.
>>>> /Leslie
>>> If your intention is to know when 7.1-RELEASE is available and possibly
>>> track security advisories afterwards, it is the correct list:
>>> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-announce/2008-February/001172.
>>> html
>> Well, my intention is to be updated even on the prerelease. As I
>> understand from the answers, it might be somewhat ambiguous. Do you
>> recommend that I update once a week for example. I understand that not
>> all modifications will affect me, some will of course others will not
> Depends what you want. Everything that goes on RELENG_7 branch currently, is a 
> bug fix. Each bug fix, has the risk of introducing a regression bug.
> If you want to part of the process that tests this PRERELEASE and report any 
> bugs, confirming bugfixes etc, then you should track RELENG_7. Best way to do 
> that is to csup your system in the daily periodic(7). Then you can see if any 
> fixes have been comitted, and rebuild your system.
> If you simply want to know if your system still works, subscribe to announce 
> to know when to stop testing and to build the final release, and build 
> whenever you have time.
> The script below my sig, adds csup to daily, when adding 
> daily_csup_enable="YES" to /etc/periodic.conf and putting the proper csup 
> file in the proper loc and/or setting the variables in /etc/periodic.conf.

Thanks! I'll try it out.

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