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Sun Sep 28 16:38:34 UTC 2008

On Sunday 28 September 2008 00:29:01 Daniel Molina Wegener 
> Hello,
> I have 4GB machine and after updating to 6.4-PRERELEASE using
> 32bit intel based system. the complete system hangs if I do
> a "sysctl -a" under X terminal emulators. Also, I get a
> system hang during entropy harvesting.
> The "sysctl -a" command freezes while is displaying ACPI
> information, I can't capture the output and I don't have any
> core files...
> I'm running the nvidia-driver port with X11.
> Best regards and thanks...

I reply to my self (in other similar thread):

  I was having similar problems with the nvidia driver on my
6.4-PRERELEASE machine.

  The solution was to remove agp and drm related drivers from
the kernel configuration and setting:


  In my sysctl.conf, and also setting:

    Option         "NvAGP" "3"

  In my xorg.conf in the Screen section...

  The concrete problem -- not related with GL failures -- was
system freezing with /sysctl -a/ command on terminal emulators 
from X server.

  I hope it would help others...

Regards to the list...
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