Installation Question

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Sat Sep 27 19:55:59 UTC 2008

Ray Madigan wrote:

> I am trying to move a couple of machines from Suse Linux to FreeBSD and I
> am
> having an installation issue on the first machine.  I have a 1.8GHZ
> Pentium
> on an ASUS mainboard.  DUring installation I give the geometry of the
> drive on the machine, a Western Digital WD8000JB, the drive geometry that
> I find
> on their website 16383/16/63 in FDisk.  The disk was used for the Suse
> installation so the partitions are correct.  So I press Q on the keyboard.
> I go through the installation until I get to DiskLabel and the drive
> doesn't
> show up on the top of the screen.  The screen is blank except for the
> options section.
> Does anyone know what could be going wrong here.

You need to completely wipe the disk of whatever was on it before. On
machines with a floppy sometimes I boot from Dos and use it's fdisk, but
really any fdisk will do this. Just delete and write back to the drive and
start over.

I have a WD800JB here and as far as specifying drive geometry that is
generally not required. Just make sure you have LBA mode activated in the

A quick note about sysinstall: many times it will display an error screen
complaining about CHS values being wrong immediately prior to going into
fdisk. This is really an error in sysinstall and most people just totally
ignore it. So don't pay that screen any attention, it is bogus.


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