Sahil Tandon sahil at tandon.net
Sat Sep 27 18:36:54 UTC 2008

Michael P. Soulier <msoulier at digitaltorque.ca> wrote:

> I've gotten many bounces from the list MX lately. Let me test right
> from gmail instead of my ISP's mail server.

>From the Handbook:

 Note: If you wish to test your ability to send to FreeBSD lists, send a
 test message to freebsd-test. Please do not send test messages to any
 other list.

% dig +short MX digitaltorque.ca 
20 gatekeeper.digitaltorque.ca.
0 mail.digitaltorque.ca.

I know those are the incoming MXs for your domain, but were you by any
chance trying to relay to the FreeBSD list via gatekeeper?  Its IP is
listed on multiple RBLs:


Sahil Tandon <sahil at tandon.net>

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