OpenGL things crash X in FB7-Stable, nVidia Card

Kemian Dang fbsd.kdang at
Fri Sep 26 16:22:18 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I have a FreeBSD 7 Stable box with a nVidia 6150 Go Graphic Card.
Everything was OK sometime before, but after a series updated on ports, 
( I am not sure about the time, I have not use OpenGL stuff for long 
time) running a program with OpenGL will cause the X crashed.

The only errors in Xorg.0.log are listed below, which I think is 
irrelevant to this problem.
(EE) Error compiling keymap (server-0)
(EE) XKB: Couldn't compile keymap

There are also two warnings:
(WW) OS did not count PCI devices, guessing wildly
(WW) NVIDIA: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0:10:3) 

Nothing found in messages.

The last crash is when I choose a OpenGL screensaver.

The ports is updated nearly daily, and I think this may happen after 
sometime after I updated the latest nVidia-driver.

Any ideas about this problem?

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