NATD Reverse Proxy

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Fri Sep 26 03:59:46 UTC 2008

Tim Gustafson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to build a server that will act as a gateway between my wireless
> network and the rest of the world.  Here's an overview of the current setup:
> 1. FreeBSD 7.1
> 2. isc-dhcp3-server-3.0.5_2
> 3. natd configured to connect fxp0 (public network, dynamic IP) to fxp1
> (private network, static IP)
> 4. ipfw
> 5. bind
> 6. apache 2.2
> 7. php 5.2.6
> Right now, when someone connects to the private net, they get an IP address
> and can connect to the Internet no problemo.  So, this is all working so
> far.
> What I'd like to do next is this:
> When someone obtains an IP address, I'm going to configure DHCP to block
> that IP using IPFW initially, and I'd like to redirect any requests that
> come from that IP to port 80 or 443 to be silently redirected to the local
> Apache installation, where the user can enter their login and password.
> Once they've been authenticated, the firewall will allow them to connect out
> to everywhere else.
> So, it seems to me that I need to use natd again to do a silent proxy of
> traffic from certain IPs on the private net to the server box.  But, since
> I'm already using natd, I'm a little perplexed about how to set this up.  Do
> I need to run a second instance of natd on a different port, and then update
> the firewall rules to divert to one or the other based on the user's
> authentication status?  Or can this all be configured in one natd instance?
> Tim Gustafson
> SOE Webmaster
> UC Santa Cruz
> tjg at
> 831-459-5354

Someone else's wheel, for perusal, at least:

The tarball is still up there.


Kevin Kinsey
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