X server crashes on exit

Herman Te hermante at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 00:38:12 UTC 2008


I installed 7.0 from the CD with X. Now this is the first time I ever used
FreeBSD or X, I know a bit from linux but I usually use command line only.
So when the system finished installing I logged in and typed startx. First
time it took over 2 mins (is this normal) but eventually worked, and loaded
3 green terminals and a small clock in the corner. I don't know what this is
and the mouse was not working so I tried to exit with the ctrl+alt+backspace
but screen went black and the entire system hung - I know this as my remote
session aborted and the keyboard led stopped responding too - still no
response after 30 mins.

I realise that i need a window manager so I tried to install gnome from CD.
However it is the same problem and the system hung when I tried to quit back
to command line mode. After hours on google I found how to fix the mouse and
decide to try building fluxbox wm from the ports. Before starting the X, I
ran Xorg -configure and echo exec startfluxbox > .xinitrc. So now it starts
up properly and works well but still I cannot exit the X. This is a big
problem because the machine has no case so I must bend down and touch the
reset pins with a penknife :P Also as the disks are not unmounted there are
errors and one of the times my user account was deleted, so I had to
reinstall the whole system.

As I said I have never configure or install an X windows system before, and
I was googling for ages. Could anyone give me some idea of how to diagnose
and fix this problem?

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