Can't build all in /usr/src/crypto/openssh

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Thu Sep 25 15:33:57 UTC 2008


I've just updated my sources for 6.2-RELEASE.  It took me from p11 to
p12.  The changes were quite minor.  Only changes were to UPDATING
(obviously), channels.c in the openssh directory and a file
in /usr/src/conf.  So, instead of rebuilding world, since the UPDATING
notes say that the changes only affect sshd, I'm following the
instructions in the handbook for section, " Do I need to
re-make the world for every change?."  The instructions state, "... go
to the appropriate sub-directories and make all install."  However,
when I do this I get, "make: don't know how to make all.  Stop."

So, what do I tell it to do?  Especially, considering that the in this directory (/usr/src/crypto/openssh), appears to
have a default rule of "all."


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