ccache on amd64

Mel fbsd.questions at
Thu Sep 25 10:50:28 UTC 2008

On Monday 22 September 2008 04:55:39 Brian wrote:
> Has there been any change in the above?  On a single core i386, the
> documentation described notes work properly.  However, on a AM2 based
> machine with the amd64 version of freebsd (both 6.4 Beta and 7.0 show
> this behavior) I consistently get the below error.

Ok - I can reproduce this, but not even the LIB32_COMPAT libs, but already 
earlier. The core dump shows an error in memcpy(). I'll rebuild ccache with 
debug symbols and see if I can figure this out.


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    and never get to the software part.

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