Syslogd - Different Files

Laurence Mayer laurence at
Wed Sep 24 13:04:43 UTC 2008

Ok so you dont use `+host' etc as per the man pages.

Can you please send the relevant parts of syslog.conf on a remote server
on Do you mean remote server syslog.config:
local6.* 		@

Steve Bertrand wrote:
> Laurence Mayer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Over the last couple of days I have been trying to get syslogd to log
>> messages received from remote hosts to different files.
>> I have read the man pages:
>> <>
>> However it is very confusing what exactly to add to the syslog.conf
>> file. I have tried numerous variations but still no success.
>> Could someone please tell me or
>> send an example of their syslog.conf file showing how this is done.
> Granted that there is likely more than one way to do it, heres how I do
> it (in the servers syslogd.conf):
> local6.*                                        /var/log/lanx.log
> local7.*                                        /var/log/fortigate.log
> mail.debug                                      /var/log/barracuda.log
> ...each log file represents a different remote host delivering the log
> data. So, on, I point the syslog service to the IP of
> the server, and tell it to use local6 as the facility.
> I then start syslogd on the server as such:
> /usr/sbin/syslogd -a -a \
> -a -f /etc/syslogd.conf
> Steve

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