ScreenCapturing tool for FreeBSD-7.0 Release

Roland Smith rsmith at
Wed Sep 24 10:15:45 UTC 2008

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 09:09:23AM +0000, dhaneshk k wrote:
> HI all ;
> Can anyone recommend a working screencapturing tool such as XvidCap
> for FreeBSD-7.0 ,
> I installed XvidCap but its not working any other tools OR Solutions
> for doing screen Capturing ..
> It will be useful for  demo presentations  alot..

If you are using X11, try xwd(1) that comes with it. You'll need a tool
like netpbm or ImageMagick to convert dump files to other formats.

Or you can use the gimp to capture and process window images under X11.

I'm not aware of any screen dump apps on the console. You can of course
run console apps in an X terminal and capture that.

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