dovecot, maildir, UFS 2 performance

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Sep 24 07:53:35 UTC 2008

>> i have everything (/) on single partition on most of my servers, including 
>> those having lots of mail.
> I don't think that is clever. sysinstall creates different partitions for /

but i do. sysinstall and most people and manuals just copy "traditions".
it's nonsense.

> Except when my users search for a text in the "message body". Unfortunately, 
> they often do this. :-(

ok right :)

>> assuming you configured your RAID1+0 properly it will give you MUCH more 
>> performance from 10 disks, than RAID1 on 2 - a bit faster - drives.
>> IMHO you wasted money for SAS drives, simply having SATA only system could 
>> be enough.
> This is true for raw read/write speed. But some I/O operations are seek 
> intensive. Seek time for a 15 000 rpm SAS disk is lower than it is for a 10 
> disk SATA2 RAID. Seek intensive operations should go to SAS. But I'm not sure 
> what they are. If you say that dovecot is not seek intensive then you 
> answered my question. :-)

with 5000 mails in one folder it will be seek intensive ;)

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