Nash Nipples trashy_bumper at
Tue Sep 23 21:02:13 UTC 2008

> I have 18 students that are going to
> Belize City, Belize in January to volunteer in the schools.
> We have been going there for the past few years. We have
> collected 24 computers and a few printers that we want to
> ship from western New York to Belize in order to set up
> computer labs in the two schools that we work in. Do you
> know of any resources or do you have resources that could
> help us get the computers shipped to them. I contacted a few
> shipping companies and the price quotes that I was getting
> were beyond what we could even consider. 
> We would appreciate any help, assistance or directions that
> you could provide.

1. 24 computer cases with a few printers = 2 big carton boxes
2. 24 CRT (old and big) computer screens = 4 big carton boxes
3. Packaging
- boxes [$87.60]
- pallets [$198.00]
4. 1 dollar insurance [$30.00]
5. Residental pick-up service from 14063 Fredonia [$409]

$2991 ($1790 lcd screens) in 30 days (may become 60-90 days)
$0 import charge (receiving side pays)

$2991 (screws included)

Find 24 students who want to volunteer in central america, pay for food, accomodation. Must own and willing to sacrifice a laptop in the name of charity.




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