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Tue Sep 23 16:07:58 UTC 2008

I am the college professor in charge The Friends Across Borders club here on our campus at the State University of New York at Fredonia. I have 18 students that are going to Belize City, Belize in January to volunteer in the schools. We have been going there for the past few years. We have collected 24 computers and a few printers that we want to ship from western New York to Belize in order to set up computer labs in the two schools that we work in. Do you know of any resources or do you have resources that could help us get the computers shipped to them. I contacted a few shipping companies and the price quotes that I was getting were beyond what we could even consider. 
We would appreciate any help, assistance or directions that you could provide.

Thank you!

Helen Reddy
Friends Across Borders Advisor
Belize International Service Learning Project Director
College Of Education
SUNY Fredonia
Thompson Hall E241
Helen.Reddy at

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