two nics each with dsl and the third for LAN and am not able to get any milage out of one dsl.

Marcel Grandemange thavinci at
Mon Sep 22 06:41:26 UTC 2008

>> I just inherited a second dsl line and don't have a
>> server to connect
>> it too so I have it connected to a third nic that I have in
>> the Dell
>> that has the first dsl connection and the LAN.  I have been
>> running pf
>> on the two nics with nat and squid in transparent proxy
>> mode without
>> any issues. My problem is that I haven't come up with a
>> way to really
>> take advantage of the new dsl to reduce traffic on the
>> first.  I'm not
>> even dreaming of load balancing just sharing some of the
>> load.
>> I had thought about trying to get squid to use the second
>> connection
>> but my feeble attempts at redirecting it haven't made
>> much sense nor
>> have they worked. Most of our traffic is outgoing rather
>> than
>> incoming, if that helps.
>> I'm sure someone else must have a similar setup and are
>> doing better
>> than I.  Anything is better than nothing. Basically, I
>> think and hope
>> that I am just drowning in a glass of water.
>> Thanks for any suggestions.
>> ed
> it all well depends on how many wires you need to make your boss happy.
> if you feel like u can be replaced with a router maybe you should  
> start making half-way websites rather than doing 2 way internet  
> connections.
> but there is a shoe for every foot. i actually admire the creativity  
> of the pf coders. i hope you have at least 2 gateways. please don't  
> drown.

Thank you for doc! Might End up using my side aswell.
Unfortunately most of my servers run ipfw.

>Wow! Thanks, Nash.  This should do it.  I just read through it and had  
>no idea it even existed. Especially the nat for two IP's

>I'll start trying it tomorrow and will post the results.

>Thanks again,


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