can someone help me out with the vmcore.0 information?

Jonathan Horne loudredz71 at
Sun Sep 21 22:59:53 UTC 2008

i have a server that just contantly panics and reboots. its a fairly fresh install of 7.0-p4.

i have never had a server behave like this and i have no idea really where to start.  this is the first line of vmcore.0, is this pertinant?

vmcore.0:sys/i386/i386/bios.c: sig '%s' from 0x%0x to 0x%0x offset %d out of BIOS bounds 0x%0x - 0x%0x

if anyone can tell me where to begin for troubleshooting errors like this, i would really appreciate the pointers.  the ISP has supposedtly already performed a memory check (from within the running OS tho, not a bootable memtest86 disk, which the latter would have been what i preferred...).



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