looking for a disk partition ("slice") editor

Nash Nipples trashy_bumper at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 21 18:36:25 UTC 2008

> >      Ah, but I do.  My current problem is a case in
> point.  I have a drive
> > that I'm not currently using, but that has stuff
> on it I don't want to lose
> > (e.g., the images of another system).  I want to set
> it up for use.  I do not
> > want to shut everything down just so that I can set it
> up for use.  Right now
> > the nine or ten partitions on it include three or four
> (I don't remember
> > right now) FreeBSD slices.  (The FreeBSD slices are
> further subdivided into
> > FreeBSD partitions, but that is irrelevant because I
> intend to wipe out
> > their contents anyway.)  With the exception of the
> partitions holding
> > backup images of another system, nothing is arranged
> on that drive the way
> > I want it arranged now, so I need to be able to
> rearrange it without
> > disturbing everything else currently running on the
> system.  There are other
> > situations, too, that arise from time to time that I
> would like to be able
> > to deal with and not have to shut down FreeBSD to do
> that.
> >      Anyway, back to my original question for anyone
> who can help:  does
> > anyone know of a disk partition editor that will allow
> me to manipulate
> > the logical partitions, as well as the primary
> partitions, and that runs
> > under FreeBSD?
> Perhaps, if there's some *good* reason why we
> *shouldn't* want to "mess
> with slices" while the system is running, someone can
> explain why.  For
> instance -- even if I only have one HDD in the system -- we
> could assume
> a setup like this:
>   slice
>     / partition
>     /etc/ partition
>     /usr/ partition
>     /var/ partition
>   /usr/home/ slice
>   C:/ slice for MS Windows primary partition
> Why, for the love of Gob and all that's Wholly,
> shouldn't I be able to
> wipe out my MS Windows primary partition, create a BSD
> slice, and use the
> extra space for /usr/local/share/ if I suddenly find I need
> the space?
> I, too, would like to know if a partition/slice tool such
> as what Scott
> seeks exists.  In fact, it would be nice to discover such a
> tool that not
> only handles partitions/slices, but also logical/BSD
> partitions.
> -- 
im not sure but i think i have managed to shrink something with this
please do read the documentation and disclaimer beforehand


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