silicon Graphics hardware

Tim Kellers timothyk at
Sun Sep 21 17:06:05 UTC 2008

I googled a bit this morning and, except for some old (Freebsd 4.x) 
posts, I didn'r see anything terribly relevant, but does FreeBSD run on 
any Silicon Graphics hardware?  I've heard that (maybe) an Ubuntu  
distro _might_ run if the hardware was booted/configged with the Irix 
Foundations disks.  The Information Systems department where I work is 
aswim in some SGI hardware that they'd like to relocate and reclaim the 
space, so I'm looking for alternatives to repurpose the hardware.  Since 
I know FreeBSD better than any flavor of Linux, I'm looking for a BSD 
solution, first.

I don't, yet, have the Foundations Irix disks, so I'm looking for any 
alternative I can find.



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