Mono + .NET = ?

Gintautas Simkus dihitales at
Sun Sep 21 11:50:24 UTC 2008


here's the situation. I am going to be part of a team which develops some
application with C#. I am pretty sure all but me will be using .NET
framework under Windows. I want to stick with Unix on the other hand. I came
across this projects called Mono which provides .NET compatible framework
for Unix operating systems. From little reading I've got an impression that
C# is 'fully' implemented in Mono and that's all I am interested in. So I
would guess the answer to the  question that follows is 'yes', but I want to
be sure:

Will there be no problems running the application on .NET platform if some
of the classes are compiled with open source C# compiler (MCS) which comes
with Mono while the rest with the Window's equavalent C# compiler?

It would be especially nice to hear from someone who'd gone through a
similar process already.

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