file recovery

fighter92 fighter9292 at
Sat Sep 20 15:14:12 UTC 2008

Hello! I'm a newbie on freebsd. I had some installing problems and my other
operating system(Windows Vista) doesn't work anymore. The recovery cd does
not work in this case and I would not like to reinstall, as it needs HDD
format and I wil lose some important data.

So here's the situation: I need to copy these a few files from the (might
be)corrupted hard disk to my USB drive. Can this be done if the HDD is
corrupted? I need instructions, because I don't know much about Freebsd.

I better tell before someone suggests it: it is not MBR, i already tried it.
I also can't transfer the hard disk from one computer to another, as it's a
laptop (At least I think it's not possible in this case...)
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