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Joe Tseng wrote:
> I'm still new to FreeBSD (coming from CentOS/Ubuntu) so this might be
> something totally obvious to others...  I know I can update ports by using
> portsnap fetch/extract/update - does this update the kernel source as well?
> How do I apply this new code?
> - Joe

Hi Joe,

Welcome to the FreeBSD world!  I am also a Linux convert and have had
great success with FreeBSD over the past several years.

I use the freebsd-update utility
to perform binary upgrades on the servers that I manage.

Be aware that it only supports upgrading GENERIC kernels.  If you have a
custom kernel, read the bottom of this post for information about how
freebsd-update handles that:

You can use freebsd-update to upgrade FreeBSD minor releases as well as
major releases.  Check out these blog postings for more information:

Best of luck, and post back to this mailing list with additional
questions that you might have.

Best regards,
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