can't open /dev/da1s1e: Input/output error

Mel fbsd.questions at
Thu Sep 18 17:53:13 UTC 2008

On Thursday 18 September 2008 11:42:39 Silvia Asongwe wrote:
> I have done fsck but it doesn't seem to fix the problem.
> i can't ssh m server from another machine, and it's my ns server, i really
> need it to be up and running
> What else can i do?

Most likely your disk is dying. To be sure, if you have /var/log/messages, do 
a grep _DMA /var/log/messages and check for READ_DMA and WRITE_DMA errors. If 
you have a lot of those, replace cable to rule out a faulty cable else 
nothing else will help then replacing the disk.
Without a /var/log/messages (ie. da1s1e = /var), your best bet are diagnostic 
tools from your disk vendor.


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