passing variable to at command

Michaël Le Barbier michael.le_barbier at
Thu Sep 18 15:07:21 UTC 2008

Mark Busby wrote:
> Is there a way to pass variables to a shell script from the command line with the at command?
> What I've been trying is something like : at -f '/path/script 20 test' 8:10 091808 : Where 20 and test set variables in the script.
You will have to write your commands in a file, and supply the name of 
this file as the `-f' argument for at. The file is processed by SH. You 
can also say: echo /path/script 20 test | at 8:10 091808
> I've tried googling the at command for help but there's a lot of "at" in the world
All of this is written in the at man page!

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